Chikara Mizukami/ Chef

“I am always in pursuit of ways to express those undetected moments.” Unlike other wagashi masters, Mizukami draws inspiration from more than the four seasons –– moments

that are more delicate and subtle. The four seasons of spring, summer, autumn and winter are divided among the 12

months. In Japan, there are also 24 intervals (sekki). These

24 intervals are divided by 3 into 72 ephemeral

seasonal moments (ko).

Chef Mizukami feel and sense the seasonal fluctuations as he makes wagashi. By expressing the elusive moments in the calendar year, the perception of daily changes, or an understanding of 72 seasons, he aspires to remind us of the unacknowledged beauty that surrounds us each and everyday.

Moments of the Day

Inspired by chef Chikara Mizukami, the design for Ikkoan restaurant revolves around revealing the undetected moments to the guest in an abstract yet poetic way.

While people often spend time appreciating the sunset, they didn't seem to notice the details and settle change of the sky during the day. Ikkoan's mission is to reveal the undetected moments of light and shadow and the settle movement

of sunlight to the guests.

A collaboration with chef Mizukami, guests who spend their time in the main dining area will have their course of dessert served in an order according to the movement of sun.

Since the restaurant will be located in California, Los Angeles --where the best weather, and the best sunsets happens in the clear sky. It was a good opportunity to use the change of sunlight as an analogy of the change of seasonal moments.


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