Inspired by the designs of the brand, Compartés Boutique Hotel uses geometry and intricacy to organize the complex patterns into a systematic arrangement.

Lobby/ Retail

Guests are invited by the sweet aroma of chocolates as they walk into the hotel.

The design of the public space focuses on integrating broken chocolate pieces into the form language of the interior.

Lounge/ First Floor

Guests may relax by the pool located on the first floor and enjoy artisan chocolates and drinks prepared for them.

Lounge/ Second Floor

Guests may enjoy the sky and the cool breeze at

the lounge. Star gaze

is a great activity to

enjoy Palm Springs

during the night. 

English Toffee


Biscuit Caramel



Original Dark


Brulee Caramel


Instead of having room numbers, Compartés' guestsrooms are named after the truffle flavors

of Compartés. Each truffle flavor have a dedicated pattern. These graphic pattern are each interpret differently in different rooms. Their two dimensionality are put into play and design in each

 room to give each guests a very distinguish and unique experience during the stay.

As guests enter the hallway, they can have an overview of all the truffle flavors.

Each room has its own flavor and pattern play, giving each guest a unique experience.



One of the truffle patterns was chosen as inspiration for this guest room. The flavor “ginger” has a two-dimensional pattern, but also possesses an illusionistic 2D and 3D quality. To push it more, different materials were used, and patterns were extruded in varying lengths to make it become even more three-dimensional.

While Palm Springs may get extremely hot, guests from the 1st floor can easily access the pool

from their own room. A slab of faceted concrete wall is added at an angle that creates an area of

privacy by each guestroom, separating them from the room next door. Guests may utilize the

multifunctional NanaWall to access the deck and the pool.

Guestroom/ Floorplan

Guestroom focuses on Compartés chocolate

truffle patterns.
Each guestroom is customized depending on the flavor of the truffle.

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