A black hole is bounded by a well-defined surfaceor edge known as the “event horizon”, within which nothing can be seen and nothing can escape, because the necessary escape velocity would equal or exceed the speed of light (a physical impossibility).  Light emitted from inside the event horizon can never reach the outside observer. Likewise, any object approaching the horizon from the observer's side appears to slow down and never quite pass through the horizon.

Inspired by the event horizon of the black hole, Event Horizon is a lamp that provides mesmerizing light qualities suitable for different settings.  The lamp emits a soft light inwards along the rim.

Hollow on the inside, allows the viewer to see through the lamp. Depending on the angle of the viewer, the light of the lamp may seem like a moon in different lunar phase.


The lamp is flexible in a way that it may carried easily, and can be used on table, bed side, shelves, or can become a wall light. As Event Horizon is hanged on the wall, the closer it is to the wall, the less light will be reflected, hence darker. The further it is pulled away from the wall, more light can be reflected on the wall surface, hence will be brighter. Not only event horizon can be used in different settings, it may also provide different light quality depending on how the user decides to place it. 

Having the flexibility to function as a wall fixture and a table lamp, user can enjoy the ambient quality conveniently.

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