Inspired by the moments of seasons,

Ikkoan invites guests to experience moments of

tranquility and harmony from wagashi and nature.

Reception/ Retail

Guests are welcomed by reception as they enter. Guests who made reservation proceeds to

 the second floor, while the walk-in guests will be seated in the lounge dinning.

The wagashi may be purchased at the first floor behind the reception.

First Floor/

Lounge Dining


Guests may casually seat in the lounge garden by flipping the built in mats.

Wagashis and teas may be purchased at the retail area. The sky light invites guests to mediate and appreciate every moment the sky changes. 

Second Floor/

Main Dining Area


 Guests who are seated at the second floor may watch the 

nature play each moment. The shadow casted from the 

facade changes slowly every moment. Guests may enjoy 

the sunset while different dishes of wagashi are served at 

the specific time from golden hour to night. 

1 PM 

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